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Pile or pit cultivation Row cultivation Saffron heap cultivation In this method we dig a hole 20 to 25 cm deep and wide with a shovel At this stage one person puts 3 to 15 onions inside each hole And the next person tries to cover the onions with a shovel And flattens the earth The distance between each hole and the next hole is between 15 to 20 cm in a row and 25 to 30

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 · In general for every 100 kg of bulbs you need to consume 300 to 500 grams of animal manure For growing saffron you may plant two tons of bulbs per hectare If these bulbs are not removed from the soil after the seventh year they will become hollow and weak So that in 8 to 9 years no trace of them will remain

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Civil Engineering Technical References Major environmental and Construction challenges faced in the upgrading of Main Road between St James and Kalk Bay Cape Town 643 KB This article presents a general view of the construction challenges during the upgrading of Main Road between St James and Kalk Bay Cape Town


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The Saudi Water Academy stands alone in its achievement for obtaining the international recognition as the FIRST entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to become an approved supplier of the IACET CEUs After an extensive review and auditing process lasting months SWA has demonstrated its commitment to educational excellence with this prestigious international

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To date this disease has claimed the lives of 45 of the 82 known cases as of 16 July 2022 9AM EDT since its first reported case back in June 2022 in Saudi Arabia That s over a 50% mortality rate Now to be fair to this disease there are some reasons why this virus is so fatal but I will get into that a little later First a little

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Located at an altitude of 3782 meters it is one of the highest airports in the world and its runway is one of the longest runways in the world Construction of Shigatse Airport began in 1968 and was completed in 1973 Until 2022 it had only military activity before an extension allowed it to become the fifth civilian airport in Tibet

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Recovery of Flake Graphite From Steelmaking Kish This report describes a processing method developed by the US Bureau of Mines to produce high­ quality flake graphite from the steelmaking waste known as kish The kish produced by current steelmaking practices is a mixture of graphite desulfurization slag and iron that is skimmed from the molten iron feed to the basic oxygen

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Saudi Arabia being the largest economy in the GCC and one of the largest among emerging economies has a special place within the overall strategy of the bank With a GDP of nearly $950 billion a youthful population of 28 million a solid fiscal position with significant buffers notwithstanding the recent slide in crude oil prices a stable and well managed monetary and

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SABIC maintains its rank as the second most valuable brand in the chemical industry with an estimated brand value of US$ billion according to Brand Finance Through our sustainability commitments we help our customers the industry and communities to thrive responsibly


 · Kish is a large volume near molten waste skimmed from the molten iron feed to a basic oxygen furnace and consists of a mix of graphite precipitated out of the supersaturated iron lime rich slag and some iron The iron is recycled on site leaving a mixture of graphite and slag The best recovery process uses hydraulic classification which utilizes a flow of water to

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Grey water can be defined as any domestic wastewater produced excluding sewage The main difference between grey water and sewage or black water is the organic loading Sewage has a much larger organic loading compared to grey water Some people also categorise kitchen wastewater as black water because it has quite a high organic loading

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The plant was built by Aguas Ter Llobregat ATLL the public utility responsible for the supply of water to the city of Barcelona and the surrounding eight districts It was intended to increase water security and availability in the Barcelona metropolitan region The plant was officially inaugurated in July 2022 It is currently supplying drinking water to around inhabitants in the

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Air Products announced the completion of the asset acquisition and project financing transactions for the $12 billion air separation unit /gasification/power joint venture JV with Aramco ACWA Power and Air Producs Qudra at Jazan Saudi Arabia The JV has purchased ASUs gasification syngas cleanup utilities and power assets from Aramco

Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2022 F1 Race Formula 1

The inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix takes place in 2022 the race joining its Middle Eastern counterparts in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi while like those races the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will also take place under floodlights What s the circuit like Fast Very fast Average speeds around the Jeddah Corniche Circuit are set to be 252km/h quicker than those at Silverstone

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As an archaeologist specialized in the Arabian Peninsula and Indo ­Iranian sphere she has been involved in several international archaeological expeditions in Oman Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan Iran and at the present time Bahrein Aurelie Daems holds a PhD from Ghent University in Near Eastern Archaeology Her research includes the analysis of women in pre ­Islamic Iran the

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There is no question about the names—in Latin Arabic or Chinese—of common plants like fennel and coriander but in folk practice common names are regularly applied to anything of the same genus as the correct plant and very different plants may be lumped under one name according to appearance This became particularly problematic when New World crops came

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A qanat or kariz or foggaras is a system for transporting water from an aquifer or water well to the surface through an underground in Iran Iraq and numerous other societies this is an ancient system of water supply which allows water to be transported over long distances in hot dry climates without loss of much of the water to evaporation

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API and CPI Corrugated Plate Interceptor separators are predominantly used in separation of free oil from produced or effluent water or suspended solids for oily water treatment in an Oily Water System OWS The basic principle of difference in gravity between the phases liquid liquid or solid liquid is employed in an OWS in separation of the two phases

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